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Smart Scheduling
Advanced Online Booking
Patient Portal
SmartForm Intake Questionnaires
Inventory Management
Patient Billing & Invoicing
Purchase Orders
Custom Financial Reports
Injections Protocols
Acupuncture Protocols
Prescriptions, Supplements, Medications
Herbal Tincture & Blending Calculator
Smart Canvas Drawing Tools
Measurement & Graphing
Clinical & Statistical Research
Chiropractic Exam Templates
Massage Therapy & Physiotherapy Templates
To-Do List & Reminders
Simple Charting Interface Option
Easy Access to Previous Notes
Acupuncture Templates
TCM Pulse Templates
Osmolarity Calculator
IV Therapy
Powerful Medical Charting Tools
Automated Patient Treatment Plans
Custom Patient Reports
Powerful Clinic Collaboration Tools
Sophisticated Document Management
Email and Text Message Reminders

Smart Features for your Smart Practice

From the sole practitioner to the multi-disciplinary clinic, we've got you covered.

Our top 3 workflow features

We're not just another pretty inter-face. OutSmart has some of the most sophisticated workflow features on the market today.

Our Unique Rapid Charting Technique

OutSmart EMR has developed a completely unique approach to medical charting. Rapid Charting is our most popular feature, and is based on SmartLists, Protocols, and Smart Templates. These unique tools allow you to complete your medical charting in minutes, not hours. All your notes from previous visits will intelligently auto-populate into your next visit notes, making follow-up appointments a breeze.  
This functionality is completely unique to OutSmart EMR and is one of the main reasons practitioners are switching to OutSmart from other professional EMRs.

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Medical Data Analysis

Most EMRs on the market today are focused on a practitioner's immediate need to manage their practice. OutSmart is different. While managing your day-to-day is critical for success, OutSmart takes it a few steps further. We want you to not only succeed today, but to learn from that success, and teach others.

We do this by making your data work for you. Every time you create a chart, write a note, create an invoice, send out an intake form, or schedule an appointment, your data is being carefully organized, waiting for analysis.

When you're ready, our research team will work with you to generate incredibly detailed analytics to answer specific questions that you want to ask. Do you want to know how many people, aged 25 to 30, came in to see you with symptoms of IBS, to whom you recommended a specific supplement along with an acupuncture protocol, who later reported an improvement in their symptoms within 3 months? We can tell you that, while everyone else gives you a blank stare.

Express Checkout

Once the visit is concluded, the checkout process is all about communication between the practitioner and the admin staff. It's critical that your admin staff know exactly what you (the practitioner) are thinking with regards to product and service recommendations, possible discounts, and follow-up requirements.

OutSmart's Express Checkout workflow handles all this seamlessly. By the time your patient reaches the front desk, their next appointment can be booked, their invoice can be prepped, and their prescriptions or supplements ready, with custom labels. All without a single word exchanged between you and your staff.

Express checkout does this by intelligently transferring critical information from the scheduler and the current medical and administrative notes into a simple set of tasks itemized right on the dashboard, in real time. What more can you ask for?

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